Initially when I began work on the Grave Prosperity project I was only looking to make a fun little game the RM communities could enjoy. Nothing outstanding, just slightly unique from the adverage RM made game. But over time I became more and more ambitious with my work and now the game has taken on an entirely new look and it has its own site dedicated to it and is becoming known by more than just the RM communities. It's sort of funny to me that the crowd I was originally wanting to appeal to is now the crowd that least worries me. Now my aim is geared more toward the general public.
My current goal for the project is within reach at this point. I have taken an engine and pushed it well beyond the limits of what it is meant to do and managed to lose no quality while doing so. All that reamins to be done now is just complete the game and then sit back and watch the results.
When I said my goal is within reach, I really meant it is just months away. In October part 1 is schedualed for release, and for each following month another part is planned to be released. So literally within 5 months all of volume 1 will be available to play. I am very excited for each launch and I am expecting a very positive response from the indie crowd. We may not be recieving the next Resident Evil here, but it most definitely won't be another indie space shooter or platformer. I hope everyone who plays will be able to appreciate the unique nature of the game for what it is, and what it was made with.

    So far part one is complete and simply awaiting its schedualed launch. For this first piece of the game there won't be as much action as some of the others, but it will still be able to give the player an idea of what to expect for the future parts. Some may even be left scratching their head by the end of part 1 and that is expected, the story will not be completely unfolded until the end of part 3.
Parts 2-4 are going to be fun because of their added features and increase in story telling. There will be interactive cinematic action where the player will be forced to button mash just to maintain the character's sanity while being possessed by malevolent spirits. There will be optional stealth mini games and interrigations. GP still has a nice pocket full of supprises waiting for each of its future releases.

    I have been tossing around the idea for a potential spin off for one of the characters you will run into who is meant to become a very important player in the sequel. This particular character's game will be set in an entirely different timeline and will feature a 100% unique story and gameplay. The idea is there but there are still some things to take into consideration before making it happen. One thing is for certain though, it will be done on a 3D platform.
Our voice actors/actresses who have signed on have also signed for future work for future releases, so the characters you meet in this first release will be the characters you play with to the end of the games.

    All of these things I have mentioned for the current version on the RMXP engine is great, but I still have so much more planned for the future. When we can get a 3D release up and going (likely the sequel) there will be so much more room for innovation. As far as basic features go, I do have a small blue print made up. Game play can be optionally played in 3rd person or 1st person, the player will be able to make use of cover and shadows to evade enemies, the environment will be 100% interactable so even if there is no current cover, through improvision cover can be made. Even the ability to dismember enemies and use body parts as distractions will be available. If you want to sneak past a tougher monster, try getting the drop on it and shoot out its eyes? The ability to handicap your enemies will be there, but beware, for every sense lost, another will grow stronger. These are more of the stealth approaches, but as far as solid action is concearned, there will be a very indepth dodging and counter attacking system that will enable the player to jump right into the middle of a room full of monsters and test their combative skills. Shooting will be able to be done either over the shoulder or in first person. The Black Serum feature that will be introduced in part 4 of volume 1 will be greatly enhanced and enable all sorts of extra abilities to the player (Sorry, so spoilers). There will be so many possibilities it is just crazy. But for now, this realease we are working on right now is simply a proof of product for the future. If all this can be done with an RPG Maker, imagine what we could do with a professional grade software..


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